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Inline fuel filter


Can anybody point me in the correct direction to purchase a filter similar to the above.

Location: Oakley, hants

Re: Inline fuel filter

Something like this perhaps?

Steve V.

Location: Polegate, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Re: Inline fuel filter
Re: Inline fuel filter

Search under " Wipac / Wilco "

Location: Melton Mowbray

Re: Inline fuel filter

Thanks all for your input. Looked into a box that I haven't looked for sometime , found the filter in picture below, a little larger than I would have liked but it was there and it works.

Location: Oakley, hants

Re: Inline fuel filter

As its a non pumped pipe it would be better if the vibration coils were turned horizontal, rather than vertical as you have them. You can trap airlocks in the tops of the pipes.

Location: just going out to the garage

Re: Inline fuel filter

MAny thanks will do that

Location: Oakley, hants