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Gordon England coachwork enamel badges

Have the small oval enamel coach work badges that graced GE cars , either on the dash, or on the outside of the bodies ever been reproduced? Or does someone have such a rare thing that they might sell? I believe they would have been fitted to GE Brooklands, GE Cups, Stadium, Wembley and Sunshine salons as well as on other makes.

There's a couple of ways of making reproductions and if anyone is interested please contact me.


Bill G

Location: Scottish Border

Re: Gordon England coachwork enamel badges

Several people have reproduced these badges over the years Bill, Tom Abernethy and Damian Gardner-Thorpe to name two.

Re: Gordon England coachwork enamel badges

Would be interested if cost was reasonable. But judging from the previous response...possibly everyone has one now ! However, in my opinion the GE Cup is the best looking A7 Sports Body and it seems is still popular ito replicate, so maybe there is a wider demand. Great project if you decide to go ahead with making some.

Location: Ferring, West Sussex

Re: Gordon England coachwork enamel badges

Badge Craft in Devon [ 01769 520536] make them . They are £93.00

Location: Oxford

Re: Gordon England coachwork enamel badges

Nice work Nic!

Re: Gordon England coachwork enamel badges

My name is John from NZ. Im building a GE Cup replica and would be interested in the badges you are talking about dependant on cost of course. LOve to hear back from you