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Re: Oil Pressure

For what it takes I'd rod out the jets anyway.

Re: Oil Pressure

I agree with cleaning out the oil jets but if the problem is still there afterwards then don't continue to run the engine but examine the relief valve for being stuck (this is not easy as it is tucked out of the way.)
Presumably the gauge needle returns to zero when the engine is switched off?

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Re: Oil Pressure

Yes Brian, the needle returns to zero when switched off and pressure drops when on idle.

Will take the plugs out and have a poke around with some wire and report back.

Location: Fife

Re: Oil Pressure

I have the same problem. Cleared out jets 3 times. 10psi at 30 in top,20psi in 3rd at 40mph. Big spout of oil if jet plugs in crankcase removed for very short time. Oil getting to timing gears (removed inspection cover on fan pulley housing). 4 jet lube with bored out pump. Need to remove sump to check other 2 jets clear. Same engine mentioned a while ago on here which had water damage and pint of water in sump and 10mm sludge in sump. All carefully cleaned out with new main bearings. Used to be about 10 psi at 40 in 3rd.Close ratio Super Accessories gearbox.

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Re: Oil Pressure

My 3 bearing engine has high oil pressure when cold. Jets are clear. When warmed up (5 miles or so) pressure returns to 2-5,lb at 30 mph. It's been like that the 3000 mikes I have used it for.


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