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Just a little fettling was expected . . .

We bought the Ulster Rep back in November 2016 and imagined just a little work would be needed, as the last two owners were old and new money people respectively, so they would have looked after the wee beastie in a fine manner. Well, wouldn't they?

Suffice to say, Alistair, as he is now affectionately known, arrived 'home' with my good friend Brian, just last week and after having been comprehensively rebuilt over six months, in order to rid him of just about everything being bodged and actually make him look like an Ulster should, albeit it being a LWB version. The welcome was with well chosen old car enthusiasts and a couple of three bottles of local fizz.

The next three days was spent on learning how to drive Alistair and screwing on wing mirrors and an appropriate 1936 tax disc from Inverness. It took me two days to cope with selecting reverse (4 speed box)and I'm not sure if that was due to ineptitude rather than still recovering from a recently broken left wrist.

The brakes are newly converted to a hybrid semi-Girling type, as Brian didn't like any standard wheel cylinders, so made some new units using Mini pistons and seals and definitely needed bedding in, as they first seemed no better than the originals, but we're getting there! I was still working on toning down that virginal pure white exhaust wrap, which stood out too much against other entrants when I checked out the paddock in last weekend's GP Retro.

Alistair seems to like his new workshop and has young whipper snapper stable mates, although the Traction has now gone to his new guardian in the UK, so loads of room.

I'll continue the tale a little later, as we need to get ourselves off to the next village for an evening fete and celebration of local wine, all in the pursuit of research, naturally!



Location: Saumur, France