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McLaren homage to the A7

Came across this little video on the McLaren company website. It's simplistic but also quite a PR coup for the A7 to be so well acknowledged by the company as the genesis of their foundation. Hopefully it will encourage youngsters' interest.


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Re: McLaren homage to the A7

Great stuff!

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Re: McLaren homage to the A7

I can thoroughly reccommend the film on Bruce's life released this year. One scene showing Bruce's father's garage in Remuera took me back to my childhood. I remember standing on the footpath outside trying to see the 'top shelf' cars being worked on. This included single seaters. The other memory is of a little old lady (seemed very old to me) who drove a little blue Standard saloon (about 1928 model)with union jack on top of the radiator and she always parked on the other side of the road opposite McLaren's garage before shuffling off to do her shopping.

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Re: McLaren homage to the A7

It is such a shame that McLaren had to do such an awful pebble beach restoration of the car, it really now has little resemblance to the special owned and raced by Bruce. For such a significant vehicle as this it borders on criminal misrepresentation, I suppose that the great McLaren corporation can not bare to be associated with a rough and ready home built special.

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Re: McLaren homage to the A7

It is curious that for a UK audience the purchase price was given in dollars when pounds was the currency here then. And when commenting on the narrow tyres he could have drawn attention to the front ones; a lot of GP tyres of the time were not much bigger than the rears.
For comparison our RP was worth about L200 immediately post war, and about L50 in 1957, when a new Minx was L870. NZ wages were somewhat higher than UK.

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