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Austin seven struggles to keep running.

Car ran perfectly yesterday.Today it struggled to start.Been left for three weeks,so drained tank and refilled with fresh fuel.Car still struggles to keep running.Have cleared carb jets.Fuel reaches carb okay.Car will start but cuts out after a couple of minutes.Any answers plase.

Re: Austin seven struggles to keep running.

Pump diaphragm?

Re: Austin seven struggles to keep running.

Reckless may be psychic or possibly knows your car but its date, fuel system (i.e.gravity or pump fed) and other details would be useful to the rest of us ! It sounds like fuel starvation and I've witnessed this simply due to a blocked breather pin-hole in the filler cap of my 1927 Chummy. Look forward to further details or maybe you've already solved the problem.

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Re: Austin seven struggles to keep running.

Having recently dealt with a Box saloon that would start but refuse to run for more than a few seconds can I suggest that if a rear tank is involved it is worth removing the drain plug and seeing what rust and crud is lying in the 'well' where the pick up pipe resides. I found so much that it was obvious the poor old pump was on a hiding to nothing in trying to suck fuel through.

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Re: Austin seven struggles to keep running.

Sounds like a fuel issue.

Does it have a fuel filter?

If yes clean it out, if no fit one and see what crud ip picks up.

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