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1934 rp sunroof locking rail.

Hi I am getting to the point in the restoration where I need to decide which side the sunroof locking rail goes!!
I have looked at a lot of rp saloons and they are fitted to the offside, but after looking on the internet there was a picture of a
so called original untouched RP saloon and guess what it was fitted to the near Side!! After thinking about it it would make some sense having it on the near side as it would not interfere with the sun visor when opening the roof.
Suggestions welcome

Re: 1934 rp sunroof locking rail.

Positively offside!

We fit these quite regularly and there's more to it than is immediately obvious.

Please email me and I can talk you through the job.

If I get the time, Ill post on the Forum!

Location: Herefordshire, with an "E" not a "T".

Re: 1934 rp sunroof locking rail.

No problem with the ARR ruby with the steel sun roof, they have one each side!

Re: 1934 rp sunroof locking rail.


Mine was on the offside too.
The photograph you mention may have been printed from a reversed negative ?


Re: 1934 rp sunroof locking rail.

There should be a triangular steel mounting plate for the locking bolt which is handed for the offside. This fits to the front offside corner of the sliding panel, but is often missing.

We've recently worked with Willie MacKenzie at Austin Reproduction Parts to make these. Hopefully, he'll have one in stock.

Additionally, the curved wooden trim strips on either side of the sunroof opening are of different thicknesses, presumably to accommodate the locking bar. We can supply these strips if you need them.

Location: Herefordshire, with an "E" not a "T".

Re: 1934 rp sunroof locking rail.

Hi Martin
Thank you for your information and reply I have the two wooden strips, which one is thicker than the other,
But I will get in touch with willie for a plate as I do not have one of those.
Thanks again.