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Re: Grasshopper Questions

Hi David,

I'm not sure how to email you directly from the link provided on your posting, but you might be able to email me from your end? We(Peter Hornby and myself) would be really interested in seeing any photos you may have of the car.

Two days ago I submitted an article to the editor of the Pre-War Austin Seven Club in which we claimed the chain of ownership for COA 118 was now complete and describing the process leading up to this and updating the information accordingly. As soon as I've finished this posting I will have to have the article withdrawn for further amendment!

We had listed Graham Hoskins from Grimsby as the owner from 1957 to 1959 and clearly this is now incorrect, but it's reassuring to know he did have the car before it went to J. Swinburne-Butterfield in 1959. If the rest of the ownership chain is accurate would we be correct in thinking you bought the car from Neil Jones's (see other postings) parents Clive and Norah Jones of Tadley in 1957?

I'm sure many others on the forum are eager to learn more about the car.

Very excited to learn about your connection to the car, David.

Location: Doncaster

Re: Grasshopper Questions

David Spyvee
I owned the 1936 Grasshopper COA118 from 1957 to approx 1959 when I hit a cow and had to sell it damaged.
I sold it to Charlie Hoskins (Grimsby) who repaired it fitted the Sindilla Magneto and raced it at Silverston.
I have a few photos of it if anyone is interested. Just ask and I will send them to you.

Is that the same Charles Hoskins listed in the VSCC.He built an A7 trials special about 15 years ago (among other cars) that is now one of the cars to beat. Charles more recently trialled a Jowett.Or a coincidence?

Re: Grasshopper Questions

Yes, Dave, same Charge Hoskins.


Re: Grasshopper Questions

Sorry, Charlie Hoskins!


Re: Grasshopper Questions

Our understanding is that Charles Hoskins is the son of Graham Hoskins of Grimsby who bought the Grasshopper, but we had heard of the VSCC connection. We are happy to be corrected.

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Re: Grasshopper Questions

Our Grasshopper replica finally broke cover at Powderham in July, far from finished, but getting there. Father has built the body, which is dimensionally accurate, with very few changes in construction technique.


Sorry its on facebook, but I really cant get on with photo bucket these days, it screws my computer up! If anyone wishes to convert it so it displays properly, feel free.


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Re: Grasshopper Questions


You might have seen from recent Forum comments that photobucket isn't getting on with anybody these days anyway and is best left alone.

Cheers, Tony.

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