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Re: Grasshopper Questions

Sorry, Charlie Hoskins!


Re: Grasshopper Questions

Our understanding is that Charles Hoskins is the son of Graham Hoskins of Grimsby who bought the Grasshopper, but we had heard of the VSCC connection. We are happy to be corrected.

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Re: Grasshopper Questions

Our Grasshopper replica finally broke cover at Powderham in July, far from finished, but getting there. Father has built the body, which is dimensionally accurate, with very few changes in construction technique.


Sorry its on facebook, but I really cant get on with photo bucket these days, it screws my computer up! If anyone wishes to convert it so it displays properly, feel free.


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Re: Grasshopper Questions


You might have seen from recent Forum comments that photobucket isn't getting on with anybody these days anyway and is best left alone.

Cheers, Tony.

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