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Re: Stubborn hub

Yes, I probably drove quite close to your place doing a school leavers' disco (I refuse to call it a prom) a week or two back.

The yellow peril is still doing a fine impression of a German battleship making smoke. A little embarrassing among the Ferraris, Bentley Jags and such...

I really must find time to properly sort it out.

Your still welcome to pop over with camera, tape measure and note book any time. The kettle is always on...


Location: Colchester

Re: Stubborn hub

James Anderson
I've had to tighten one of the front hub nuts on my 1935 car and it took me well over an hour (obviously had the palaver of taking the split pin out) but one of the main problems was the tight fit of the socket. It got jammed on the inner aspect of the outer casing. I assume you can get thinner sockets but for fine adjustment to line up the castellations I resorted to a box spanner that must have been the only tool for the job back in the 1920's and '30s. Does anyone know of a make of thin walled moderately large sockets ?

Don't bother with a socket, W/W box spanners are reasonably cheap on Ebay and the best thing for the job.