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Re: Practical Classics magazine

I was surprised to see it in W H Smiths at the airport,That was 3 weeks ago,Ive only flicked through it but the engine rebuild article is pretty comprehensive in photo's and written content.Enough so I think to encourage someone to have a go at a rebuild at home.
It's good that the Practical Classics technical editor is so enthusiastic about the 7,all helps maintain interest in our little cars.

Re: Practical Classics magazine

I've ordered a 'collector's edition' too as I like to have a pristine and more 'beaten-up' and in some cases oily version of any reference book as long as its relatively cheap!

That point conveniently takes me to Chris Garner's issue.Obviously any profit orientated organisation's main remit is to make money and in these cost cutting days they probably want to do this with the least administrative hassle. BUT I don't agree with them and think they miss out on many important details, issues and sales as a result. As stated previously, I've only had a brief look at the booklet and find it under plays the amount of support especially from this website and that of clubs such as the Cornwall A7 Club who offer great guidance for technical problems on their website. Hopefully I'll be corrected on this point by someone who has read the booklet more thoroughly. The amount of support especially for the lone restorer is phenomenal now especially when I compare it to that of 50 years ago when I undertook my first restoration and this is obviously one (? of the few) great attributes of the worldwide web.

Despite all this I generally think that the publication is a very good buy, I can certainly recommend it.

Location: Ferring, West Sussex

Re: Practical Classics magazine

Chris Garner
I really do think these PC people have poor to nil marketing skills.
As Chairman of the A7CA I contacted them several weeks ago requesting details of the publication and asking whether we might assist in marketing and selling it, offering to take a quantity at a competitive price for selling on.
I got absolutely nowhere with them and in the end I gave up.

You would think that in publishing a book on the Austin Seven they would make every effort to contact both Clubs and the Association!

Chris Garner

In the magazine industry it seems that the editorial/publishing teams are increasingly separated from the distribution/sales side.

The distributors have the upper hand and seem unwilling to go outside their normal channels whatever they may be told by the publishers. Sales opportunities specific to a subject area a consequently lost. Their focus is on shelf space in the majors and little else.

To me it seems an unhealthy situation and one that is unlikely to foster publications that have some value.

'Books' published 'book publishers' are different. They are far more flexible.