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Re: Hub puller and others

According to the Austin Seven Spare Parts Lists the hub puller BT24 is listed as an 'Extra' ie not included in the tool kit supplied with the car. Certainly from mid 20's to mid 30's. I dont have any other copies of Parts Lists.

Location: Worcs

Re: Hub puller and others

My son bought a house a while back, the garden was in a mess and had quite a slope on it so we landscaped it to level the lawn, during the digging out we dug up enough rocks to build 45ft of 18 inch high stone wall, a metal bedstead buried end on, a 8x4ft Salvation Army enamel sign and a A7 hub puller among other things. The puller had been well greased and only had rust on the outside, after a good going over with a wire brush it cleaned up a treat and works perfectly, it must have been in the ground since the early 1960s when the site was redeveloped.

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Re: Hub puller and others

I think that Pickavant also made a hydraulic Seven hub puller for commercial garages. Incidently they still make hub pullers.

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