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New driven clutch plate?

I have just removed the clutch lining and the driven plate looks a bit tired, has anyone re-manufactured these, I am removing the countersunk screws for rivets anyway so thought a new plate would be good. However it was working in it's current state.

Location: Rokeby, Victoria, Australia

Re: New driven clutch plate?

This is a Borg and Beck plate and as far as I know new replacements have never been available, and unlikely to be. Any used one you find is likely to be as bad or worse when the linings are stripped off. The broken tongue is very common ( and often more than one),and in my opinion perfectly ok to reline and refit as it is. I would not attempt to repair the broken piece (special steel) but check and deal with if necessary any elongation in the boss holes. The alternative Newton Bennet plate is a possibility, but much more fiddley to re-line.