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Wheel spokes

I returned from the Beaulieu rally knowing that I had noises from the offside rear hub area, and was rather horrified to find not one but seven broken spokes, when I was replacing the wheel after tightening the half-shaft nut. Ian Dunford seems to be away at present. Does anyone know of a good spoke supplier, ie reasonable price and prepared to supply fewer than a full set of spokes? The ones I need are for the inside of a solid centre wheel, 10 gauge and 6.5" long.

Re: Wheel spokes

I spoke (!) to a person at Bealieu who I think runs the wheel re-building service that is generally advertised in the 7 world, who had spares on his stall.

He sold me a few spokes, and gave me some helpful advice.

So should be happy to sell you what you require, and make sure they are the correct ones foe your car.


Location: On a hill in Wiltshire

Re: Wheel spokes

Many thanks. I also talked to Nick Mouat, and I have just found his details. He is friendly and helpful, so I am sorted!

Re: Wheel spokes

Richard Bros, Cardiff.
Web site at www.richards-bros.com

I've used them several times in the past.

Remember there are THREE sizes of spokes on an Austin wheel - the short ones and the two longer ones (inner & outer)

Best of luck.

Re: Wheel spokes

just refreshed all 6 of my 19 inch wheel with spokes from CWS.. just send a one of each length you want and somebody calls back to take your card number and confirm what materials you want spokes and nipples in and they come after about a week and they fit. used them for all sorts of motorcycles and cars.

Re: Wheel spokes

I have respoked and tried my five 19" wheels,using heat and penetrating oil on most of the nipples.I only replaced about 20%of the spokes. A friend has told me that the heat would have destroyed the temper of the spokes and I should expect rapid failure as they stretch in use. Is this correct? Andrew

Re: Wheel spokes

Hi, they will be high tensile, so heat is not a good idea.I would just cut out the damaged/ seized ones and renew

Re: Wheel spokes

ahe 19 inch wheel is so simple to lace up i d just renew them all.. great article on the internet somewhere about how to do it,, takes about 15 minutes per wheel once you ve done a couple..