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As announced earlier, this forum with it's respective web address will go offline within the next days!
Please follow the link to our new forum


and make sure, you readjust your link button to the new address!

Welcome Austin seven Friends
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Re: Austin Seven Friends Forum, archive, gallery and resource

I'm bumping this back up as clearly changes are under way with regard to the actual forum.

All good stuff I'm sure but I'd like to repeat my request for some more info please about who is actually running this site and what the plans might be. I'm perfectly content if, having given that info, the ManAgement disappear back into the shadows and quietly carry on their good works but at the mo we seem to be in a state of change without anything to tell us where we are going or indeed what is changing.

Do tell me if I am being tedious with this and I'll retreat back into the garage...

Location: North Herts