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Re: Message for Frank Hernandez

Austin in the Shed
Frank Hernandez
I found I liked the precision of it. You have to get it right- one mistake blows the whole run. You don't get that in circuit racing.

Yes, I think that that is one of the reasons why I liked it. On the circuits you seem aware that you have a second chance or even a third. It leads to you analysing the details of your preparation more. I have far more detail concerning Prescott and Curborough than I have about Cadwell and Donnington in my black folder and many more gearbox mods for hillclimbing and sprinting.

Is there any truth in the story that you had a different gearbox for every hill and circuit Frank ?

Partly true but you have to bear in mind that we were racing for over thirty years and started with possibly 33bhp and ended with 44bhp. So, we used over time three gearboxes for Cadwell, two for Mallory, four for Prescott and three for Curborough. That selection gave us enough variety for the other tracks and sprints. When you are short of power you need to maximise the use of what you have.

Re: Message for Frank Hernandez

There was a magazine article some years ago about Frank et al and it had a brilliant picture of the "gearbox wall" in his workshop.