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As announced earlier, this forum with it's respective web address will go offline within the next days!
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Welcome Austin seven Friends
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Re: Thank you - at last some positive comments :)

Ruairidh Dunford
See bright red message at the top of the Forum directing you to the post stuck to the top entitled 'Change Forum...' and all should become clear Andrew.

Thanks, can see it now. Didn't notice the red bit up there before.

Re: Thank you - at last some positive comments :)

Management and Ruairidh,

As with Ian's entry to the new forum I tried three times and didn't get an email - but I seem to be registered on the forum now.

And now the archive seems to show all the 'lost' pictures!

Given the massive task in setting this up I am surprised and impressed with the result which will take some time to get used to.

Many thanks from someone who knows just enough about computers to get himself into trouble.

Cheers, Tony (who at 80 is happy to be always learning !!).

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Re: Thank you - at last some positive comments :)

You are now registered for the new Forum Andrew.