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Re: Rear axle


Couple of questions if I may.

I need a replacement axle oil filler/ level plug as the one on mine has long been rounded off. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a spare please?

Also is there a trick to getting the rear spring 'locating pins' out of the axle? Like the rest of my car they are a bit stubborn.


Can't you file a couple of flats on it and use a smaller spanner -- it doesn't need to be horribly tight.

Re piin removal. I made up a tool to do this using a section of steel tube one inch Int diameter and a length of 3/8 bsf threaded studding. Don't follow the diagram in the green book as it's out of scale and misleading.


Location: Norfolk

Re: Rear axle

Thanks Charles,

I welded a nut on. Might just leave it that way, but if it's BSP then a pipe plug fitting should match the original.

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Re: Rear axle

And thanks for the heads-up on the book. I like pictures!

Location: Suffolk/Essex border