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Sports steering boxes

Looking again at the factory Coachbuilders drawing last night a couple of things struck me.

What exactly is the steering box angle? The only copy of the drawing I have is a photocopy of a paste-up of other photocopies. Unfortunately the original drawing has been folded right on the steering angle notation.
It may be 34 1/2 degrees or 37 1/2 degrees.
Is there an original print of the drawing in existence?

Bill Sheehan and Tony Press on previous threads have said that the box is 9C36 and is 37 1/2 degrees.
The Canadian/Irish TT car has a steering box 9C102 that appears to be about 37 degrees.
Chris Gould quotes in his guide that the box is 36 1/2 degrees.

Is the 9C102 box particular to TT cars?

The drawing office went to the trouble of producing coachbuilders drawings for both the short and long wheelbase sports chassis but were there any coachbuilt sports built?

Re: Sports steering boxes

I may be deluding myself, Henry, and I'm sure your copy is clearer than the reproduction here but, your copy here appears to me to say "36½°" of steering column rake??

Ian Mc.

Location: Shropshire

Re: Sports steering boxes

Evening Henry,

Our Original Ulsters steering box is a 9C 102 and the car was a Dec 1930 car, body 81.

Not quite sure why there were 2 boxes made, possibly super sports and the latter Ulsters? Afraid my knowledge on things like this is limited!

It is odd how Austins changed the numbering such as on the track rod drop arms, with 9A numbers of early possibly super sports and a 9C on ulsters and nippys. Hard to know why they would bother changing the numbers if the parts were the same.