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Shim washers for kingpins

Please does anyone know of a current source of shim washers to take up any vertical clearance between the front hub and the axle. I searched the archives and found that Sandy had some made 5 years ago. If you still have any available Sandy, I'd be happy to buy some and pay the postage.
Thanks Alan

Location: East Sussex

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Alan, I bought some years ago from Express fasteners I think in Plymouth I think? Initially all I could find were 12mm I/d but eventually I got some 1/2 inch ones thar were 4 thou thickness.
Try your local industrial supplier or these days the internet should be your friend.
Failing that if you can get a magnetic table just grind down some washers.

Location: South East Cornwall

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Some 12 or 13mm I/D shim washers available here, but minimum charge is £15 plus carriage, packing and VAT also minimum order quantity of each of the five thickness of 13mm I/D is between 50 and 30 washers:



Location: Almost but not quite, the far North East of England

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Hi you could try SIMPLY BEARINGS as they sell a needle roller bearing ,1/2" internal dia and under 4 thou.
Not sure if any good but were mentioned in a previous thread.


Location: NIreland

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Needle rollers are a good idea, but if you aren't doing that, the correct place to put shims is under the top hat bush so that the shim isn't in the moving part of the joint.

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

David Cochrane usually stocks them and I would expect that the Seven Workshop would also.

Location: New Zealand

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Please see BL906 here.


Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Thanks David. Sound just the job. Alan

Location: East Sussex

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Nice post and very useful information!Thank you for sharing.
Wire Forms springs.

Location: Delhi

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

I suggest you contact Avon Stainless Fasteners. They do various sizes and thicknesses for a reasonable price.
Had good service from them.

Paul N-M

Location: Midlothian

Re: Shim washers for kingpins

Vertical play is of little consequence although some govt tests require little. The grease may tend to hammer the plugs out on Girling hubs, and possibly move the kp on all. Clearance can be taken up above the axle with washers/shims of almost any material.

Location: Auckland, NZ