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Re: Anyone remember Causeway Autos in Croydon, early 1970s?

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To round off this thread, here are a couple of invoices from my files. The West Wickham shop was run as Northwoods and the Croydon shop as Causeway Autos - I've no idea why this was, but I think neither of these branches carried any Austin Seven stock. The London Road invoice was almost certainly in fact written out in the Newington Causeway shop. I can remember sitting with Harry Northwood in the back office of the West Wickham branch, but have no recollection at all of the Croydon Branch. From the early 1970's-on,their Austin Seven spares service was being quietly run down and by the end of the Seventies I had cleared all the remaining stock, although I continued to deal with Northwoods into the 1980's. I now think the occasion they borrowed my A7 van for a promotion must have been in the Eighties for their 60th Anniversary.

Re: Anyone remember Causeway Autos in Croydon, early 1970s?

My article referencing Causeway Autos has now been published: the history of 65 London Road. Thanks again to everyone who helped with my research!

As previously mentioned, I'm happy for The Management to put a copy of the relevant parts of this article (or even the whole thing) in the site archives — just make sure it's credited to me, and please also include the link above, as I sometimes amend or add to articles after publication, e.g. if I come across new evidence or images.