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Re: Beware when building A7 specials!

Further to the reply I got above I've just received this from the FBHVC...

Dear Robbie,

Thank you for your email to our Secretary which has been passed to me.

We are fully aware of the current situation with applications for age related registrations for cars with a chassis where the body has been replaced and at the present time your fears are, unfortunately, well founded. We have raised this matter with DVLA as we consider that the stance they are taking is unrealistic. This will be progressed further at a forthcoming meeting. Meanwhile there is little advice that we can offer but we will, of course, keep our members fully informed of any changes.

Are you happy for us to use the information you have given us, but not your name, as an example of the problems we foresee if DVLA stick to their present approach?


Ian Edmunds
DVLA Liaison

I'm now in a quandary as to let them use the details of my car or not. Suppose it can't hurt?

I've had a very similar response from the FBHVC but again with no detail of what they are actually doing or what the logic of their argument against DVLA's current stance might be.

It also suggests that club DVLA reps aren't exactly up to speed on this.


Re: Beware when building A7 specials!


Agreed. I have sent the FBHVC response to Mike (the DVLA rep for the London Owners club) so we will see what he thinks.. When I spoke with him yesterday I got the impression he had been successful in getting age related plates recently but maybe I was mistaken...

I will discuss with Mr Edmunds a little more and feedback..

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Re: Beware when building A7 specials!

I feel there is a lot of confusion above. looking on DVLA website it seems they have different procedures for 'rebuilt cars' and for 'radically altered, and for 'reconstructed classic' and for 'old' vehicles.

They seem to interpret 'reconstructed classic' to be a coming together of lots of old components to create a fresh vehicle. In that case it seems reasonable that they do not allow new components.

If we are trying to register an 'old vehicle' then I think a few new components are allowed.

There is confusion regarding terms such as 'rebuilt' (do they mean re-assembled?) And what does 're-constructed' mean?

Also what is a component? And what is a major component. I would interpret a petrol pump as a component, a new diaphragm as a part, and an engine as a major component.

In another section they make it clear that any car given a Q plate will need an IVA test, and I think that requires such things as anti-lock brakes!

Re: Beware when building A7 specials!

I give up! Have spent the last 3/4 hour trying to get a post past the blinking spam filter, and failed!

Father has written to dvla in his capacity as an A7 verifier.

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