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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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A puzzle for Christmas!
Here's something to get your heads going the day after Boxing Day. Start your brains working again about other things than left-over turkey, pudding and mince pies. It's all about the local sunrise and set and moonrise and set in Trieste. I'll put a few translati...
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Last Post: Dec 21, 2014 9:55pm
by Larry Southgate
Betfor Journal
To all the members that have e mailed me and phoned me saying how much they enjoy the Journal. I think we must give Geoff Fleet our Chairman a big vote of thanks for producing a first rate publication. We have successfully sent a copy to member in South Africa by e m...
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Last Post: Dec 21, 2014 1:42pm
by Roland
THREE DAYS IN TRIESTE..... Don't miss ir !!
Il Piccolo carries this link to an amateur video. The backing music is provided by flying elephant - honest; it says so. Warning - it starts with an advert but stay with it; you can exercise your Italian and it doesn't last long:
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Last Post: Dec 20, 2014 4:00pm
by Harry Dixon
Catholic Gasoline.
Catholic Gasoline! SISTER MARY ANN'S GASOLINE Sister Mary Ann, who worked for a home health agency, was out making her rounds visiting home bound patients when she ran out of gas. As luck would have it, or as the Lord would provide, a gasoline station was ju...
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Last Post: Dec 17, 2014 10:08pm
by Larry Southgate
Just reporting
Hi Roy Boyles Just obeying the suggestion in the current Journal. Both Ted Dobbs and I will be at the A,G.M. Sadly, I don't have an'er indoors these days, but Ted does, so we will be driving there. Thankfully no boats are involved! Regards Roy Walter
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Last Post: Dec 16, 2014 2:48pm
by Roy Walter
Senility has many forms!
There are 4 questions. Don't miss one. 1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? Stop and think about it and decide on your answer before you scroll down. The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put the...
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Last Post: Dec 15, 2014 9:31pm
by Larry Southgate
Christmas ?
Subject: Xmas Health & Safety All employees planning to dash through the snow in a one horse open sleigh, going over the fields and laughing all the way are advised that a Risk Assessment will be required addressing the safety of an open sleigh for members of the...
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Last Post: Dec 14, 2014 9:58pm
by Larry Southgate
Onions and Christmas Trees.
Onions and Christmas Trees A family is at the dinner table. The son asks his father, 'Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there? The father, surprised, answers, 'Well, son, there are three kinds of boobs: In her 20's, a woman's are like melons, round and...
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Last Post: Dec 9, 2014 10:40pm
by Larry Southgate
And God Looked down.
And God Looked Down upon Seniors. . . . Most seniors never get enough exercise. So in his wisdom God decreed that seniors would become forgetful that they would have to search for their glasses, keys and other things misplaced and so do some walking. And God Look...
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Last Post: Dec 7, 2014 10:53pm
by Larry Southgate
All you need to know about the sea.
Small Children Writing About the Ocean.... All You Need To Know The next time you take an oceanography course, you will be totally prepared. 1. This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles.(Kelly, age 6 ) 2. Oysters' balls are called pearls. (Jer...
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Last Post: Dec 7, 2014 9:05pm
by Larry Southgate
The Free? Territory of Trieste - 2014.
It appears that the questions over the legality of the Peace Treaty that gave the city of Trieste back to Italy is coming under the spotlights again after all these years. There has been some political in-fighting in the Movement in Trieste and so far they have n...
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Last Post: Dec 5, 2014 5:54pm
by Larry Southgate
WINTERWATCH 111 Wish you were here !!!
Dire weather forecasts of severe weather, heavy snow in the mountains, torrential rains lower down, all leading to raised sea levels, have, together with the Bora, caused the office for Civil Protection to issue safety alerts. Il Piccolo carries a photo of an imagine...
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Last Post: Dec 4, 2014 1:26pm
by Harry Dixon
Women drivers.
Women drivers from a man This morning on the motorway, I looked over to my right and there was a Woman In a brand new VW !! Doing 75kph With her Face up next to her Rear view mirror Putting on her eyeliner. I looked away For a couple seconds, And when I loo...
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Last Post: Nov 28, 2014 10:22pm
by Larry Southgate
Better than Agatha Christie.
Truth is, sometimes, stranger than fiction. At the 1994 annual awards dinner given for Forensic Science (AAFS), President Dr. Don Harper Mills astounded his audience with the legal complications of a bizarre death .. Here is the story : On March 23, 1994, th...
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Last Post: Nov 21, 2014 10:55pm
by Larry Southgate
Southampton Meeting
As Geoff Fleet requested a date for next year's meetings I have selected the 12th February 12 o'clock at the usual venue, The Encore PH Commercial Road, Southampton. I will warn those likely to attend my next meeting on 11th December that I may not be able to at...
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Last Post: Nov 21, 2014 4:54pm
by John Barron
Could this work in the UK??
I might try this myself next time I get one of those calls. I wonder if it could work in the UK????????????? FW: More jobs in USA not India, what we can do USA Company Reps The gas company serving this area brought their call center back to Phoenix from Indi...
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Last Post: Nov 19, 2014 10:41pm
by Larry Southgate
I can truthfully twas not me on the flight from Eindhoven!
Yes, I'm back. I'll fill you all in next week. Meantime I'm off to bed so leave you with the following : A man and a woman are seated next to each other on a long flight. They > start eyeing each other, and both realize they want to do the same > thing. > H...
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Last Post: Nov 15, 2014 11:38pm
by Larry Southgate
Safe Driving now it's Wintertime.
DRIVING IN RAIN...This May Save Your Life. SAFE - DRIVING TIPS WHEN IT IS RAINING !!! GOOD VISION IN A DOWNPOUR. How to achieve good vision while driving during a heavy downpour. We are not sure why it is so effective; Just try this method when it rains heavily....
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Last Post: Nov 9, 2014 9:21pm
by Larry Southgate
History is a strange story.
Subject: History and how to rewrite it!) For those of you who are old enough to remember, enjoy. For the rest treat this as a history lesson! Very surprising how time and memory has taken its toll. Have things really changed this much in our time?...
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Last Post: Nov 7, 2014 8:56pm
by Larry Southgate
Girl Guides motto.
Always be prepared. Fwd: Wear An Old Dress Dorothy and Edna, two "senior" widows, are talking. Dorothy: "That nice George Johnson asked me out for a date. I know you went out with him last week, and I wanted to talk with you about him before I give him...
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Last Post: Nov 5, 2014 9:26pm
by Larry Southgate
Are you booked in here?
To speak to a guest in another room, please follow these instructions. 1st.floor--add250 to the room number and dial Onthe 2nd 3rd and 4th floors--dial the number required. On the 5th floor subtract 250 from the room number and dial.(dial 260). Except for...
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Last Post: Nov 5, 2014 3:29pm
by Roy Walter
Taking a flight anyone?
Panties on a plane: Three large black ladies were getting ready to take a plane trip for the very first time. The first lady said, 'I don't know bout y'all, but I'm gunna put me on sum hot pink panties beefo' I gets on dat plane.' Why you gonna wear dem...
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2014 10:47pm
by Larry Southgate
There's a queue.
Subject: Job listing - Gynecologist's Assistant Job listing - Gynecologist's Assistant A retired man at the Job Center in Stockport. saw a card advertising for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested, he went in and asked the clerk for details. The cler...
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Last Post: Oct 31, 2014 11:50pm
by Larry Southgate
Should keep you laughing till Saturday.
Upon arriving home, a husband was met at the door by his sobbing wife. Tearfully she explained, "It's the druggist. He insulted me terribly this morning on the phone. I had to call multiple times before he would even answer the phone." Immediately, the husband d...
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Last Post: Oct 28, 2014 11:50pm
by Larry Southgate
Be careful when you shower and shampoo.
ATTENTION ! SHAMPOO DANGER ! DO NOT shampoo your hair in the shower, as the shampoo runs down your body when you are rinsing off your hair... I'm so relieved to finally get a health warning that is useful!!! This IS A WARNING to all of us! I don't know W...
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Last Post: Oct 28, 2014 11:46pm
by Larry Southgate
The British stiff upper lip!!
I noticed a blog on the IL Piccolo website tonight. Written by someone called Alberto Bollis (blog name: @ abollis). He writes: That which the English don't say. The phraseology to decipher. One of the things I have learnt since being here is that the Eng...
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Last Post: Oct 27, 2014 10:43pm
by Larry Southgate
Monday's joke.
One for all the salesmen in the World WHEN I SAY I'M BROKE - I'M BROKE! A little old lady answered a knock on the door one day, to be confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner. 'Good morning,' said the young man. 'If I could take a...
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Last Post: Oct 27, 2014 10:02pm
by Larry Southgate
Must;ve been a Costa Coffe shop!
Bill and Sam, two elderly friends, met in the park every day to Feed the pigeons, watch the squirrels and discuss world problems. One day Bill didn't show up. Sam didn't think much about it > and figured maybe he had a cold or something. But after Bill hadn't shown...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2014 10:49pm
by Larry Southgate
For devoted dart fans.
My wife asked me what I was doing on the computer last night I explained to her I was looking for cheap flights "I love you!" she said, and then she got all excited, quickly undressed and we had the most amazing sex ever Which is odd because she's never...
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Last Post: Oct 24, 2014 10:34pm
by Larry Southgate
Any takers?
Subject: Real Senior Ads These are actual ads seen in ''The Villages'' Florida newspaper. FOXY LADY: Sexy, fashion-conscious blue-haired beauty in her 80’s. I’m slim, 5'4' (used to be 5'6'), Searching for sharp-looking, sharp-dressing companio...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2014 9:41pm
by Larry Southgate
Our TS based journalist friend Nicolo Giraldi has asked if we can provide any information. Nicolo is a correspondent for a new magazine The Thin White Line based in Australia. He wants to do a piece about British soldier footballers who served in TS. I have suggested...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2014 3:00pm
by Roy Boyles Ho...
REMARKABLE........... shot by Fabio Papalettera and appearing in today's Il Piccolo' It shows some wonderful aerial shots of various parts of Fvg ( Friuli Venezia Giulia) starting in the mountains and coming down to Trieste. There's some good music to it too. There are views of...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2014 2:24pm
by Harry Dixon
Some jokes from the US of A are funny!
Gun Control: It has already started at Bass Pro Shops Sporting Goods. When I was ready to pay for my purchases of gun powder and bullets, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me." Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about the gun control wacko's runnin...
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Last Post: Oct 22, 2014 10:14pm
by Larry Southgate
First siamese-twins joke that's funny!
Siamese twins walk into a bar in Australia and park themselves on a bar stool. One of them says to the bartender, "Don't mind us; we're joined at the hip. I'm John, he's Jim. Two Fosters beers, draft please." The bartender, feeling slightly awkward, tries to ma...
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Last Post: Oct 22, 2014 10:09pm
by Larry Southgate
There's a door in your way!
If you ever thought you were developing senile dementia read the following before you go to the doc! Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was ? Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memor...
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Last Post: Oct 22, 2014 9:57pm
by Larry Southgate
Dear Abby.
Dear Abby. CONTACT FROM THE SHALLOW END OF THE GENE POOL. DEAR ABBY ADMITTED SHE WAS AT A LOSS HOW TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: Dear Abby, A couple of women moved in across the hall from me. One is a middle-aged gym teacher and the other is a social worke...
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Last Post: Oct 21, 2014 10:09pm
by Larry Southgate
Is this a coincidence?
I seem to recall that not so long ago the Cooperative Bank and Society in Englandwere in trouble and almost bankrupted. Take a look at what I have translated from the Il Piccolo website tonight. I have read the full article and a couple of extracts from there appe...
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Last Post: Oct 18, 2014 10:30pm
by Larry Southgate
The bad weather over Muggia and Lazzaretto.
After the disastrous storm of yesterday the situation is returning slowly to normal. A helicopter of the Carabinieri has flown over the zone of the landslide at Lazzaretto to carry out photograph evidence: to verify the state of the earth alongside the landslide...
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Last Post: Oct 16, 2014 10:05pm
by Larry Southgate
Up close and personal.
So what’s in your diet? Here’s a breakdown of a week in the stomach of myself Sunday: Breakfast, small dish of cereal, large mug tea, take pills and vitamins. Lunch: Bisto Cooked Beef dinner (b eef,carrots, peas,roast potatoes), glass...
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Last Post: Oct 16, 2014 5:30pm
by Larry Southgate
'ello 'ello
On a beautiful spring day in the 1950's,an old man was walking through the beautiful French countryside when near a hedge he spotted a young couple making love in a field. Overcoming his initial shock,he thought to himself "Ah young love,ze springtime,ze air,ze flow...
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Last Post: Oct 15, 2014 4:34pm
by Roy Walter
Is your complaint to Thomas Cook Tours included?
Can someone tell me how such stupid people ever earned and saved enough money to travel in the first place? THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY "THOMAS COOK VACATIONS" FROM DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: 1. "On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to...
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Last Post: Oct 13, 2014 10:48pm
by Larry Southgate
Friday night is always good for a laff.
An Irish Priest Was Transferred To Texas Father O'Malley rose from his bed one morning. It was a fine spring day in his new west Texas mission parish. He walked to the window of his bedroom to get a deep breath of the beautiful day outside. He then noticed...
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Last Post: Oct 10, 2014 9:35pm
by Larry Southgate
Stupid boy.........!!!!
(At least, I think it's a boy) Why is he perched against the empty hole instead of the bottom one where there are plenty of seeds? Come to that, why does he and his mates shit on the squirrel baffle? Not the best way to say ta for a free lunch. I took this ph...
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Last Post: Oct 6, 2014 2:25pm
by Harry Dixon
Trieste - 26 October 1954.
Here's a golden opportunity for our 'silent majority' to shine. Some of you may have been in Trieste on that day. Well, 144 of you have perused one entry on this page, surely one or two of you could use this to secure your place in history!!!!! On the Il Pic...
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Last Post: Oct 5, 2014 10:28pm
by Larry Southgate
Start the week off right.
What Starts with F and ends with K? A first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, 'Harry, what's your problem?' Harry answered, 'I'm too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade, and I'm sm...
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Last Post: Oct 5, 2014 9:38pm
by Larry Southgate
A laff a day keeps the blues away.
Here is your laugh for the day! Ole Fills In for A doctor in Duluth, Minnesota who wanted to get off work and go hunting, so he approached his assistant "Ole, I am goin' huntin' tomorrow and don't want to close the clinic. I want you to take care of the clinic an...
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Last Post: Oct 2, 2014 11:25pm
by Larry Southgate
An Arab buys everyone a drink.
Subject: A rich Arab walks into a bar- - - -! A rich Arab walks into a bar and is about to order a drink, when he sees a guy close by wearing a Jewish cap, a prayer shawl/tzitzis and traditional locks of hair. He doesn't have to be an Einstein to know that thi...
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Last Post: Sep 30, 2014 10:26pm
by Larry Southgate
Subject: FW: RETIREMENT Why I Like Retirement ! Question: How many days in a week? Answer: 6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday Question: When is a retiree's bedtime? Answer: Two hours after he falls asleep on the couch. Question: How many retirees to change a lig...
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Last Post: Sep 29, 2014 10:16pm
by Larry Southgate
Just thinking, just thinking.
As I was lying around, pondering the problems of the world, I realized that at my age I really don't give two hoots anymore. If walking is good for your health, the postman would be immortal. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water, but is still fat...
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Last Post: Sep 26, 2014 10:37pm
by Larry Southgate
A chuckle for the weekend.
While on a road trip, an elderly couple, stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch. After finishing their meal, they left the restaurant, and resumed their trip to Toronto . When leaving, the elderly woman unknowingly left...
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Last Post: Sep 26, 2014 10:29pm
by Larry Southgate
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