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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Politics in Trieste

Our special corrspondent in Trieste, Liliana Pajola, decided to have a go in the latst local elections which took place late May early June. They elected a new Mayor, Riccardo Dipiazza. I asked Liliana how she had done. Here is a translation of her reply:
Quote: The elections did not go at all well. I got 10 votes for a place on the Town Council and 17 for the local borough seat. I belong to a party which got 1 candidate elected in Carso. The party which won was from the right, an awful one. They had a pugilist from Lega Nord who was stupid and ignorant. He had tattooed on one fist Jesus and the Madonna on the other and with these he was punching his adversaries. Then they held meetings in the streets, reading in silence. They called themselves Sentinels on Foot and were protesting against divorce and against abortion, proclaiming in favour of the traditional famiy. Then we found that their leaders loved families very fact, two or three at the same time.
This is a country of hypochrisy and lies. It almost makes us want Berlusconi back!