British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Whilst I was on holiday I took a trip down to Pola. To celebrate the fact that it was 70 years ago that I had spent almost six months there in Monumenti Barracks. They have done a lot of building in the town but most of the old town is still as I left it. The Port facilities, however, wow, have they been and are still being enlarged. Obviously, they want to take away some of the trade (if not all) from Trieste and Capodistria. It is still Croatia down there and not yet part of the EU, and they still use their old money, the Kuna. But the barracks? What a mess. They are falling down. These buildings, much the same as the barracks in Trieste, could have been converted into living quarters for the local residents who were short of accommodation. Donadoni and Rossetti barracks are going the same way, and yet voices are raised over the lack of living space in the town. It beats me.