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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Brace yourselves !

Dave was quite right to fear the worst about the new "advent" - the coming of the greatest merchandising opportunity of the year - and we shall all be the victims.

I've already been a victim; I've had two mince pies. The guilty party was the shop I praised so recently - Booths. There they were lying in wait at the end of an aisle where I'd been looking at Fairy dish-washer thingies, cheap and tasty - the pies I mean, not the thingies - irresistible.

At the check-out in the cafe there were several leaflets about HMS Ringtail the Naval air station that occupied the site during the war. One carried a photo of S/Lt Ewan P Jones of the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve in his fighter cockpit . There are more photos at: