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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Drivers and words.

Drivers first of all - I used to blame Clarkson for the growing tendency amongst drivers to consider the whole exercise a challenge. Clarkson clowns seem to feel that any car in front of them MUST be passed - even if there is a chain of other cars in front and their move forward will get them somewhere only 19 seconds sooner. There's the justifiable suspicion that they won't make profitable use of that 10 seconds. They have to be brisk and they have to ne assertive - perhaps in keeping with their twitchy insecure personae.

Words now- I was approaching a side road where I need to turn right when I noticed one of those huge "logisttics" vehicles coming down the side road and indicating that he wanted to turn onto the main road towards me I had already pulled into the mid section of the road before the right turn but held back because the heavy was going to come well out into our road in order to make the turn. He did so and flashed his appreciation. Meanwhile I had been passed on the left side by a black car which turned out to be a hearse. My wife said, "That's the first time we've been undertaken by an undertaker.