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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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How to learn to be English!

There is a small article in the web-site of Il Piccolo tonight which is vairy interesssting:

For the past two or three years there has been established in Sistiana a Language School teaching English and other languages. Unfortunately for the owner, apparently an English woman, the Customs and Excise branch in Opicina have discovered that no income has ever been declared to the Tax authorities. The income of the school was apparently, over 2 million Euros. No Tax or VAT has ever been paid. There were also apparently 30 teachers employed in the instruction of over 200 students. No earnings or tax declared by these either. Consequences: A villa belonging to the proprietress has been confiscated, plus all the usual books and instruments used in the school, as well as a luxurious motorcar. Whoever she is was not disclosed in the article but she does apparently have registered offices and another school in London!

Talk about the Mafia being short on paying taxes!