British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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George Cullen, who was Chief Clerk at Trieste Security Office in the fifties, has died. We are indebted to Mr Phillip Churm for passing on the sad news; this is his email:

"Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with sadness to let you know that WO2 (Retd) George Cullen passed away on 22 Dec at the age of 90. George was a stalwart of the old Midlands Region and he will be missed by many.

The funeral will be at 14.45 on Monday 9th January at Bramcote (Notts) Crematorium, Coventry Lane, Nottingham NG9 3GJ. The service will be followed by a wake at The Nuthall Pub & Kitchen, Nottingham Road, Cinderhill, Nottingham, NG8 6AX.

Condolence messages for Mrs Anna Cullen and family should be sent as usual to HQ ICA."

Thanks to Roy Boyles for passing on Phil's email.


On a personal note - I well remember Staff Sergeant George Cullen's cheerful energy and enterprise in charge of the main office at TSO. He was always the one who could make things happen. You never had to worry about the army's apparent maze of red-tape; George could fix it. I remember two things he did for me. I needed my passport renewed, gave it to George and it came back from Venice with the proper stamp and signature. He also managed to get two of us on a week’s skiing “course” in Austria. This involved free accommodation and food as well as free ski hire and free passes on the various ski lifts. There was no requirement to attend any instruction so it amounted to a week’s free ski holiday.

The door to George’s office was directly opposite, to the door of Ops room so, although as a married soldier, he lived out, I saw him every day. He always had the same cheerful smile. His photo can be seen on the front row, on the TSO photo in the Intelligence Corps album.


Those members who have old copies of the Journal will find an item on the front page of Issue 31 where John Brennan explains how he was in "lock down" at the BMH for 2 months in 1953.

In the next issue (32), page 4, there is a long explanation from George Cullen saying that it was because his wife and new born daughter Shirley had both contracted polio.