British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Request for assistance with family research, Iolanda Giorgini and Arthur Smith

Hello all,

My name is Richard Barber and I am writing with a request for assistance in my family research.

I am the grandson of one, Iolanda Giorgini, who was born (03/04/1930) and raised in Trieste, during which time she married her first husband, Arthur Smith (31/05/1946), a British Serviceman serving in the Free Territory of Trieste from 1945, until the time of his return and my grandmother’s emigration to the UK, dated 04/11/1951.

I have visited Trieste myself, having already obtained some documentation crucial to my research, from the Comune Di Trieste, including the original marriage certificate of Arthur Smith and Iolanda Giorgini, and a partial breakdown of Iolanda’s immediate family history.

Although this information has been helpful, it is limited, and brings me not much further towards my ultimate goal, which is to flesh out the story of my grandmother’s early life, so that I may eventually be able to trace living relatives within Trieste, and in those territories that were once part of Italy, which are now situated in modern day Slovenia (Materija) and Croatia (Rijeka).

This brings me to yourselves, as I am looking to get in touch with people who may have known, or known of, Iolanda Giorgini and Arthur Smith. Any information you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated, and I will certainly be on hand to give you all the information at my disposal.

Kind Regards,
Richard Barber