British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Winter comes to Trieste (and Italy).

Bora sino a 145 orari a Trieste. Oltre 200 chiamate ai pompieri. Gru pericolante, chiusa via dell'Istria. Ursus sotto "controllo"
Bora a 217 km sul ponte di Veglia. Neve a Lissa e Brazza

Translation: Bora up to 145 km per hour in Trieste. (That's still not up to 100 mph!) Over 200 calls to the Fire Brigade.
Via dell'Istria closed to traffic. 'Ursus' is the name the Trieste people have given to the very large dockyard crane one can see poking its head above the entrance to the Old port. The wording 'sotto controllo' means 'under control'.
The Bora registered 217 km an hour on the bridge of Veglia. Snow at Lissa and Brazza.

And the temperature in Trieste at 2030 hours tonight was minus 3 with cloud cover.

Incidentally, there has been another big earthquake in the middle of Italy today. 5.5 on the Richter scale. Plus there has been a very heavy snowstorm in the area and also in the area where the last earthquake took place. The European Commission has given permission for Italy to spend what is necessary in the stricken areas without it going on their already very large deficit with the Union.