British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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A trip around the world by web-cams.

Harry, thank you for the links to see the web-cam views of Piazza Unita and Piazza della Borsa I've killed a few minutes over the past week just before closing down my laptop by taking a gander at the folks strolling around in Piazza Grande and Piazza della Borsa. Always a lot more folks about in Piazza della Borsa at Midnight in Trieste. Logged onto Piazza Unita tonight just after 2100 but decided to click-on to some of the links shown on the right hand side of the screen.
Saw the word Australia and clicked on. Got Rose Bay, Sydney. Date line was 13/2/2017 and time was 0844 a.m., One Intrepid Aussie was taking a walk in the sea with his trouser legs rolled up. No further action so clicked on another link. Paid a visit to La Playa de los Cristianos, Tenerife. Date/time-line was exactly the same as in the UK. Not many folks about but assumed that was because being a Spanish location most folks would have still been finishing off dinner. Then I decided to go for bust and clicked onto : Time Square - New York. Time-line was 12/2/2017 at 1651 hours so, yes, New York is 5 hours behind us. And it was either raining or drizzline because some folks were holding up umbrellas. But you certainly have given me a new window on what to do in the lonely evenings. Makes a very good change and these are all LIVE action web-cam views. So, thanks once again for having put up those links to the old city.