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Trieste 1946-7

Dear all

I have just discovered this web site after I was looking through my father's Army service file with a view to following in some of his footsteps. He was stationed in Trieste from April 1946 until November 1947 with the Royal Signals. I am planning to pay a short visit to Trieste in May and want to look up some of the places he must have known. I have some photos of him taken just after his promotion to Lance Corporal there but I do not know how to post them on here, but on the back of one of them is written:

"Taken 10th July '46 on balcony of S.C.A's room at Command Post, Via Domenico Rossetti, Trieste".

Do any of the wise folk on here know what S.C.A means? of course it could just be someone's initials, I know his friend in the photo is called Stuart but I think that its probably not his room but you never know.

Also, are there any suggestions for sites to visit in Trieste during my short (half-day) visit?

Many thanks for any assistance


Re: Trieste 1946-7

Paul, I may have known your father in Trieste. I was there from October 46 to end January 47, when I transferred from an Infantry battalion to the Royal Signals down at Miramare Castle. The unit of the Royal Signals I was with transferred from Trieste to Conegliano in February 1947 and from there to Palestine in late March 1947. I went back to Trieste in September 48 and stayed until September 1953. If you are only going for half a day, you won't have anytime to see anything. If you will be arriving by train, when you get to the Trieste Central Station, exit and go diagonally right. Walk along and you will come to the waterfront with the Maritime Station where the large holiday cruiser ships tie-up. Contact me by e-mail or phone 0161-4858507 so I can give you more details.
Incidentally, the Command Post in Via Rossetti was the Air Support Signals Unit which was a detachment of the Royal Signals stationed in Donadoni Barracks. There was a large barracks in Via Rossetti where the Infantry Units were stationed. BUT, both the barracks in Via Donadoni and Via Rossetti are now crumbling down and no longer used although there is, I believe, a possibility that the barracks in Rossetti are going to be completley pulled down and blocks of flats built in their place as will also happen in Via Donadoni barracks.

Re: Trieste 1946-7


Thanks so much for the reply to my message. its incredible to think you may have known my father in Trieste. His name by the way was Charles Everett. I will send you a couple of photos of my dad in Trieste to see if they jog any memories.

I have been looking at my proposed trip to Trieste again and have decided to make a special trip there later in the year so that I can do it justice.

Thanks again