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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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TRAIN TO TRiESTE by M. Portillo

Portillo started in Vienna and there was a lot about the Hapsburgs and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There were archive photos of chaps in those silly hats with white feathers sprouting out of the tops. He then travelled on the railway to Graz.

Tonight at 6.30 he goes from Graz "to Trieste",

I'm sure this is a repeat but the spectacular viaducts which enabled the line to cross the valleys of the Alps were well worth seeing again.

Do watch tonight; you'll see why I put in quotation marks.

Re: TRAIN TO TRiESTE by M. Portillo

Thanks to the colourful Michael Portillo,I shall take to my bed tonight full of the warm earned by the knowledge that I was one of the heroes who saved the worlds coffee supplies from the communist hordes.Yes it was a repeat and recall the same feeling of frustration that I felt before.Still he did mention the Oppocina tram

Re: TRAIN TO TRiESTE by M. Portillo

Yes, a repeat but enjoyable just the same. And that film must have been shot some time ago otherwise I expect Michael would have mentioned that the tram from Opicina was over 100 years old. The coffee factory belongs to the Illy family of Lavazza fame. Mr Illy, the older, was once the Mayor of Trieste. He went on from that to become the Gov ernor of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. Unfortunatey, whilst in that office he was accused, with his deputy, of selling a couple of houses that belonged to the Region and pocketing the dough. He was tried, I believe, by the Council and had to refund the money. He tried to become the Mayor of Trieste again last year but was beaten by Dipiazza, who is reputed to be the richest man in Trieste.

Re: TRAIN TO TRiESTE by M. Portillo

Tonight our Michael Portillo took us to Pisa and the famous tower. I remember going al the way to the top of that with my back in the 1980s. Some staircase that was. Then on to Firenze. I was often in Florence as an export salesman and one day decided to go out to Arezzo and turn left to go up over the mountains towards San Marino. Lunch time I pulled off the road to a small trattoria and, surprise, surprise, the proprietors were an English couple. Then on to Lucca. I have a contact there who builds and sells model flying aircraft. Never went to Cassarsa and the marble mountains. But this trip of Michael is becoming a travelogue of Italy. Onto Rome tomorrow. One of my old stamping grounds that. Will have to wait and see where he goes beyond the Colosseum and the Pantheon.