British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Is this another recruit?

What follows is an excerpt from a short article that appeared in the Daily Mail letters section on Friday last. Obviously, it is copyright of that paper so I will not repeat the complete article. This appeared in the Peterborough column of the letters page.

I did my national service from 1950 to 1952 and visited Krefeld on six occasions - but only for about 20 minutes each time! I had been posted to Trieste and the journey involved taking the train - the Medloc Express - from the Hook of Holland through Germany and Austria to a transit camp at Villach for an overnight stay, before boarding coaches for the rest of the journey to Trieste. The train journey took 36 hours and although meals were served, there were no basic facilities. So the train stopped twice, -- the first time at Krefeld to allow the servicemen to rush to the purpose-built ablutions huts. On the way there and back, we were accosted by numerous children asking for chocolates and cigarettes. As I recall, their haul was quite meagre, particularly on the rush to the facilities where the men had other, more urgent, matters in mind! Unquote.
It is signed ....... Les Wood, Haverhill, Suffolk.

Anyone know Les Wood? Is he a member already or is he a possible recruit?

Strange, but I travelled many times on the Medloc 'C' route to the Hook of Holland and back to Trieste, yet do not recall having to leave the train at Krefeld for "personal problems".

Anyone got any recollections of this relief break?