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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Withdrawl simptons

Two days and no one as anything to say????. I am looking out of the window and seeing a beautiful morning and thinking what I have to do to day then I remember I have to do some washing and ironing I have let it accumulate the last few days.If this does not get some response I will assume you are all on holiday . Please reply if it is only to say what a load of rubbish or correct my grammar or spelling. To you all have a very good day.

Re: Withdrawl simptons

Roland, you might have been looking out of your window at a beautiful sunshiney day but we had to look out at snow falling on both the first two days of spring. And today I spent most of the afternoon ironing. Shirts, vests, wiping-up towels, kitchen towels, underpants, handkerchiefs. Life can get tedious don it. Oh yes, you want someone to correct your grammar? Two days and no one as? Should read, two days and no one has!
And further down you do not require the word 'it' before accumulate. Well, you aked for it! Withdrawal not 'withdrawl'. You could always use the same excuse as Harry and say your fingers are too big for the keys.

Re: Withdrawl simptons

Didn't notice this one last night. Simptons? Should be spelt Symptoms. Cheers.

Re: Withdrawl simptons

Larry. Sorry to disalusion you with the spelling my tablet automatically corrects to the American spelling. But it is very nice of you to take the time to read my postings. I can only think the rest of our members are on holiday or feel my withdrawal simptons are of no consequence and do not warrant a reply . The weather is very nice today so I will wish all our members and readers a very happy prosperous day. Regards Roland.

Re: Withdrawl simptons

Yes. Roland. I like to post herein, but sometimes I feel I am flogging a dead horse.
We have a lot of members with PCs but it seems most of them, although they may pay their subs each year, are too IT illiterate to try and make this a home site. That's why I started to call them the 'silent majority'.
Why do you not change the settings on your tablet so that you can use the much more agreeable English grammar and spelling instead of the 'olde Englishe gramar' of America?

And in your last posting disalusion requires two 'l's. I have problems with the
keyboard on my laptop with the letter 'l' but that's probably due to dirt.

and if you look at the Index you will see that our postings have been viewed over 40 times since you started yet only I have bothered to make a reply. I despair.

Have a nice weekend.
Cheers, Larry