British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Anyone up for a challenge?

As a recent member having found you less than 2 years ago whilst trying to find out information on my late father's time in Italy and Trieste I have met some amazing people. Thanks to those in John Barron's Southampton group, who welcomed me and my husband with open arms, and some from the roll call in REME around the time my father was in Trieste, I have got more pieces to the jigsaw. I have attended the last 3 local meets in Southampton and have lots of notes from the "BETFOR Boys" stories.

Unfortunately I found 5 out of 7 from the REME roll call had long since attended their last parade. I did have a lovely conversation with Eric Spry in Devon and after this call thought about this challenge. What about the Voice of BETFOR? I have come across some BBC war memories but thought part of this website would be a great place for stories, memories and life in Trieste. I am sure Larry and Harry would be able to kick it off!

I have noticed recently that there are children of BETFOR, like me, posting messages and this would be a great help before these tales are lost. Voice files would be good and save lots of typing although I admit that I do not know how it would work........yet!

I love reading the posts on the website and realise that perhaps I should reply more often to keep Roland happy. Sunday morning starts with Dave's week in Wales and the photographs and web links are great.

Perhaps if anyone is interested and attending the annual gathering you may bounce the idea around.

Here is hoping for some interest.