British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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What's happening in Trieste.

Last night on the Il Piccolo website the following appeared:

Steals a bicycle, released from prison, and steals another. Recidivism immediately after being released from the Coroneo (prison in Trieste) where he had spent two nights for stealing a bicycle: brought before the magistrates an ENGLISHMAN aged 67 years of no fixed abode.
(Translator note: Probably glad to be back inside in the warmth if he has no fixed abode).

Strange note in the Huffington Post also shown in the Il Piccolo website last night:

The "flat-tax" enters in vigour, the regulation to attract into Italy the Paperoni foreigners. The Government acts to intercept those delusioned by the Brexit.

Also reported was the fact that an outbreak of TBC (I think that is Tubercolosis?)
has been found in an Old Folks home down the coast and has led to the vaccination of hundreds of people connected with the home. This follows on from the case a few months ago of a nurse in a hospital in Trieste and the resultant discovery that he had infected quite a few young children which necessitated a programme of vaccination for anyone who had been in contact with him.

Re: What's happening in Trieste.

From the pages of Il Piccolo on 11 March 2017:

The Mayor of Trieste Dipiazza robbed by an armed gang in Buenos Aires.

The first citizen was in a car with his wife, Claudia D'Arti and his PA Vittorio Sgueglia della Marra, When they were stopped by a group of youths armed wsith a pistol. They were robbed of money, telephones and watches. Said the Mayor "We got away all right". The same para appears also today 12 March accompanied by a photo showing Dipiazza, accompanied by his wife and advisor joking with a group of children in a street in Buenos Aires.

There is also a worrying piece about an epidemic of measles in Romania because parents are not getting their children vaccinated. Something similar is happening in Hungary. Bulgaria is not too badly affected because apparently the vaccination programme is running at 96%. However, The EU has issued a warning to all European countries to be on the alert and to try and persuade parents to have their children vaccinated.