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Burglary and Anti-Thieving equipment free from FVG Council.

(Extraction from the web-site of the Triestine newspaper Il Piccolo of14 March 2017).

The Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia will pay for armoured doors and protection against burglary.
The way is opened for contributions destined to make more secure the habitations of the citizens.

A further fund for the activities of the local Police.
By Diego D’Amelio’

TRIESTE. Objective security. This year again the Region will finance the purchase of systems intended to discourage thieving and breaking-into of private habitations. The measure was approved yesterday by the Council and provides for the funding of 2 million Euro for the installation of armoured doors and window blinds, gratings and iron fencings, CCTV, anti-thieving and anti-intrusion systems. The funds will be entrusted to the intercommunal territorial Unions (ITU): up until the last year the mechanisms were based on Councils. but from this year it will be the ITU which must issue by the first of July the appropriate announcements for the collection of the requests.
HOW TO MAKE THE REQUESTS: Requests can be made by citizens who have been resident in Friui-Venezia Giulia for at least two years, who are proprietors or coproprieters of the housing: the forms can be sent in up to 15 October, making reference to the expenses sustained between 1 June to 30 September 2017. The Unions will institute a unique listing for all the Councils which are taking part, based on the Isee(?) of the requester.

FUNDS FOR THE POLICE: The Executive has furthermore dedicated 2.2 million Euro for the increasing of the activity of the local Police of the FVG. The budget will serve for the purchase of equipment “target system”, which will permit the immediate recognition of number plates of the vehicles in circulation and the verification of the dates of run-out of insurance, vehicle licences and MOT. (ANPR). The Local Corps can spend also monies for the purchase of new automobiles, as substitutes for vehicles purchased before 2010. The resources can also finally be used for the intervention of ordinary maintenance on the vehicles, for updating the software for video surveillance (CCTV), the payment of licences for the use of radio stations and for the purchase of uniforms. The request for financing passes through UTI or through the single Councils which singularly carry out the service of local Police, where there work at least eight agents.

Other measures for separated parents in difficulty. Amongst the further decisions adopted, the Council has foreseen the prorogation of one year and a half for those separated parents which, because of economic difficulties or of an unfavourable arrangement in the actual Ater listing, have not been able to find an alternative arrangement for a Council House. The delay regards a total of 12 persons in the whole regional territory and comes down from a deliberation of March 2013, approved in front of the difficulties of some fathers, only shortly separated and therefore constrained to leave the family habitation in favour of the ex and the children. At that time it was established that each Ater could reserve some single-room apartments for these persons for a maximum of two years: the Council has now extended this assignment by another 18 months, during which time the Ater will provide for the issue of new requests for contractors, thus giving the possibility also of this typology of tenants to try and obtain the assignment of a house in permanency and not just provisionally, has explained the Councillor Mariagrazia Santoro.

Assistance for children affected by Autism. On the health front, it was registered instead the adoption of a line of address for the assistance to Babies and young children affected by autism. The Councillor Maria Sandra Telesca has defined this as “an historic moment, after a past in which the institutions have had a weak approach”. The plan establishes the running of diagnoses and assistance, organising a regional network which guarantees homogenous treatment in all of the Fvg, pointing to the identification of the precociousness of the disturbance. In the Region there are registered 425 cases in the ages from infantile to adolescent. The statistics show that two babes in three will not be auto-sufficient as adults: an analogous document will therefore be prepared in future also for the adults.

Entrepreneurial Promotion. The Council has finally opened the way for an agreement with the Minister for Economic Development aimed at the creation of coordinated strategies for the attraction of foreign capital within the territory, through the promotion overseas of the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by the Fvg. The agreement will be signed in Rome in the next few days and forsees the involvement of the Agency for the promotion overseas and the internationalisation of the Italian companies.
(Translated by Thomas Southgate).

Why not copy this and send to your local council with the question "Why not us".