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Greetings & More Tales From Wales - Chap. 14

Good morning all – Now that April is with us it seems to be a good time to commence a fresh chapter in this saga, so welcome to Chapter 14. The sharper sighted of you may also notice that this session is written at a slightly earlier time than usual! It all seemed to be a good idea 15 minutes ago, as I have been awake since 3am. and showing no signs of going back to sleep. Never mind press on.

What with one thing and another I have not kept up to date with the Message Board items this week, so the first thing that I saw when I signed in this morning was the sad news of Terry Crimps death. I don’t think I have had any direct contact with Terry myself, but I would like to send my condolences to his wife, Irene, in her sad loss
What is there to report on the past week at the old homestead here. Well, we seemed to have had a rather good week all told. The weather has been generally kind to us apart from the last two days, and we have also managed to accomplish quite a bit in our own sweet way. We now have a rather smart, new ‘personal access door’ to the garage thanks to Sylvia’s cousin who has just retired from his builder’s business. The down side, of course, is it shows up the rest of the poor old garage. Never mind, we cannot win them all. Sylvia has taken full advantage of the good weather and the greenhouse if full of pots and boxes of green shoots, her six (or is it her seven) bags of potatoes are well on their way, she has brought home three rather healthy looking tomato plants to encourage her seeds to get a move on, broad beans are just about ready to plant out in the garden plot, onion sets are in and spring is here with summer not too far behind (I hope!).

My contribution to all this has been rather minimal. Charging the lawn mower battery on demand and one or two other suchlike back-room operations. I have struggled over three days to re-set my all singing, all dancing, radio controlled clock to accept the fact of the clocks going forward. It is controlled from one of the radio time control stations in Germany and the booklet is printed in minute type, and faint in the bargain. I am afraid my eye-sight now cannot cope with that sort of thing, especially as my fingers are not as flexible as they used to be. It takes me so long to decipher the next move in the operation that the clock action returns to a stand-by mode and I must start all over again. Yes, I know – pathetic! Still, I think I have cracked it now, and can relax until it is time to persuade the thing to accept the fact it must go back an hour.

I was thinking about this weekly dispatch the other day and suddenly remembered that it all started some time ago when the subject arose on this message board as to who could go on the longest with the most boring output. I was going to search back in the archives to check but have not got around to doing so yet – but I seems to remember Larry was one of the originators of the idea, and maybe Harry was another. A rather sobering thought in one way!!!!
My mug of tea is growing cold and it is time to wind down and face another Sunday morning routine. The weather hasn’t made its mind up yet as to what it is going to do, but if it agrees with the forecast we had yesterday it should be a fine, sunny walk to and from chapel. Have a good week, and do take care.

Re: Greetings & More Tales From Wales - Chap. 14

Good morning all - And once again it is a “good morning” indeed. The sun is shining brightly out there, and there is no wind to talk of – long may it last. Well, until we get back from chapel anyway.

In fact, the weather all week has been a big improvement, and life is much more cheerful for it. Sylvia is back out in the garden chasing the cats off her onions, beetroot, planters and all the other bits of the garden they seem to delight in using as their personal toilets. She has tried all sorts of ways to discourage them, garden canes, thorny cuttings from the gooseberry bushes but all to no avail. The gardener’s life is a hard one around here! The latest operation is to make good the damage in the top lawn made by the badger digging big holes in it.

The schools broke up on Friday for a fortnight, so the avenue is very quiet now it is left to us residents, although the through traffic is still quite heavy at times; at least the roads are more or less free for us to park our cars and the plumbers, electricians or whoever is calling to park their transport outside the houses they are working at. Having said that, Sylvia and I miss the ‘students’ passing to and fro’ like a tide of young things! The seagulls follow them like they do with shoals of fish gleaning quite a good haul of tasty scraps dropped on the way.

The town itself is showing signs of the start of the ‘summer holiday season’, the usual small fair-ground has turned up down towards the beach and will, no doubt, be doing good business for the next couple of weeks before they move on to somewhere else. It won’t be long before we will be able to see the ‘walkers’ up on the hillside making their way along the Offa’s Dyke trail. We can see them from our garden as little colourful specs up on slopes, some are even cycling along it these days.

And that reminds me, it is time I went off and got myself spruced up and ready for chapel. It will be a nice stroll this morning by the looks of the weather outside. Have a good week all!

Re: Greetings & More Tales From Wales - Chap. 14

Good morning all - A Blessed and Happy Easter to you all. The weather here is letting us down a bit as it is cold and wet again. Where oh where is the summer? Probably waiting to see how Brexit is going to work out, like the rest of us.

Not a lot to report on the week’s activities, the time seems to have gone by quickly despite that. The garden has been getting as much attention as the weather allows, and the local County Council and Town Council elections are hotting up, which fill in a lot of time with one thing and another.

No, I am not putting up for a post, I have long passed that sort of thing; but delivering leaflets and other such menial tasks keep me out in the ‘fresh air’ and gives the old legs a stretch! Roll on 4th May, and a quieter time to do other things.

It looks as if it is going to be a wet, and cold, stroll down to chapel this morning, hard to remember that a fortnight ago I was strolling down in the warm sunshine and not wearing an overcoat! Those sort of days will come before too long I am sure, well I think that I am sure! Whatever, I hope you have a good week.

Re: Greetings & More Tales From Wales - Chap. 14

Good morning all – Another half and half Sunday morning here. We have a little sunshine out there at the moment, but the sky looks as if it could cloud over any minute and we will get some rain. It also has a chilly touch by the looks of it.

Had a bit of a shock this morning when I summoned up the BETFOR site and got some odd results, including one that seemed to say that the site had been cancelled since (?) April 2017. I resorted to good old Google Search and eventually arrived here. I am not very sure if I will get back again using the same link – which I have saved on my Firefox browser, but I haven’t got much time to play around this morning.

The week has been a rather successful one generally one way or another. Between us Sylvia and I got rid of a pile of election leaflets in a blitz over Monday and Tuesday; I had a couple of busy deliveries of Neighbourhood Watch information leaflets, plus a few to my on-line ‘clients’; a blood test that went off well on Wednesday; and then on Friday afternoon I was off to the audiology department of the local hospital and had my new hearing aids checked and a few alterations to the setting made. I cannot complain about the NHS treatment up there!

On the social side, we had a visitor drop in on Monday morning, and on Wednesday afternoon an old friend from our old chapel called for a couple of hours’ chat, and to catch up with our local news. Needless to say, a good time was had by all over cups of tea or coffee.

In the finer and warmer spells, I was even tempted out into the garden to give a hand to my hardworking wife! Nothing too energetic of course. But I did pump up the two tyres on the wheelbarrow, re-seeded the bald patches where the badger had been playing havoc digging holes, and one or two more similar tasks. Well, I did say they weren’t too energetic!

Time to move along now, a few odds and ends to catch up on before getting ready for chapel. Don’t forget to get your woollies out again, and aired ready for the cold weather that is about to swoop down upon us from the frozen north. Why they can’t keep it up there I do not know. Have a nice week all!