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Border Controls causing problems.

Controlli anti-terrorismo, incubo code alla frontiera Slovenia-Croazia

From Il Piccolo web site tonite. Local news.

Anti-terrorism controls on the border of Slovenia and Croatia causing great problems with the traffic. Long queues building up.

Istria cut-off. One hour in a queue of 300 metres. The situation at the crossings half-way through the afternoon.

by Mauro Manzin:
Queues and problems already on the first day of coming into use of the anti-terrorism controls. The agents say: twill be a difficult summer.

Reporting: The new iron-curtain which is reawakening thousands of memories.

Re: Border Controls causing problems.

Surprise, surprise. They have had to suspend the controls at the border crossings because the queues of vehicles had become impossible to control.

Re: Border Controls causing problems.

And apparently the border controls on the outskirts of Trieste were placed on the orders from the burocrats in Brussels as an anti-terrorist precaution. But they have had to be cancelled because of the chaos they caused.

Re: Border Controls causing problems.

Did my last posting give the impression that the anti-terrorism border controls around Trieste had eased? This is from Il Piccolo tonight:

The anti-terrorism procedures at the borders continue to provoke problems.
Queues of up to 10 kilometres towards Zagabria. In Istria the problems have now eased and you must now wait ONLY 30 minutes in a queue.