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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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A film about BETFOR.

A few days ago I received a pone call from a chap called Gordon Baxter, member 179 of the Association, ex RAOC, who informed me that he had made a video for a fella called Luca Maiser in Trieste about the time he had spent as a squaddie in the city.. Strangely enough, I also had made a video with Luca at his house about my time in Trieste. Luca is putting together a film about BETFOR and some of the soldiers who served in Trieste. Now, I have been informed from a friend in Trieste that Luca is coming to the UK and London from 23 to 30 May. He would like to interview as many people as he can whilst over in London and is especially interested in interviewing some ex-Officers who were there. He will also be spending one day in Portsmouth. I do not know where he will be staying yet. I will get in touch with my friend in the town an get in touch with Luca by e-mail and post the results herein.