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Bank Holiday?

Dos anyone remember what this bank holiday was for?

Re: Bank Holiday?

It is to give you the opportunity to join the Manchester Morris Men for a 'knees up' Larry. International Labour Day from the 1870's (just before you were born) Have a good day !

Re: Bank Holiday?

Does it really go back that far, Roy? Hadn't the remotest idea. Thought it was something that maybe started with the general strike in the 20s. And yes, a few hours before I was born!

Re: Bank Holiday?

Sorry Roy, but you have got your dates mixed up. I'll quote you from the column Littlejohn writes in the Daily Mail today:

(Quote: Coincidentally, yesterdays bank holiday is a fairly recent invention. It was introduced in 1978 by the Labour Government to mark International Workers day, already being celebrated elsewhere in the world --- especially in repressive socialist dictatorships. Unquote.

So not completely wrong Roy, but..................