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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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German reinforcements

Thank you Harry for showing again the stage left Jerry cyclists.I wonder if their training inluded firing on the move?Perhaps rhey could rest their rifles on the shoulders of the guy in front.
I needed some light relief today.Although I have a pair of hearing aids I still suffer from distortion on the ,not helped by an old cordless phone.So I bought a new all singing all dancing hearing aid compatible replacement.Four days of increasing frustratement followed when I could not get both phone plus broadband.Yesterday my grandaughter's husband called having heard my despairing calls,took one look at the manual,plugged it all in and-yes you've got it IT WORKS!No fool like an old fool!

Re: German reinforcements

Roy, not enough info. You bought a hearing aid compatible replacement but could not get Broadband????? Why do you need broadband on a hearing aid replacement?
I've got NHS hearing Aids, that ain't much good but I rely on my laptop or tablet for broadband. Although why I have broadband I don't know, cos I never surf the web for anything and never but never download films, videos or CDs. Or were you meaning you bought another type of telephone that is compatible with your hearing aids? But in any case, how would you get broadband with a phone? Could you please expound a trifle more cos I'm very curious. Thanks, even by e-mail direct.

Re: German reinforcements

I hope Roy doesn't think I'm impertinent if I answer for him. I know nothing about Sky and how its broadband works but, for most mortals, broadband comes (somehow associated with the phone. In the "old days" - actually until quite recently - from the main phone entry into the house you could take extension wires into other room. Now most people have one main phone there and "cordless" (in plain English) wireless phones in the other rooms, these receive their signal from the base phone.

Since broadband sneaks in alongside the phone signal, between the main phone inlet and anything else is a tiny white box, which is a filter to separate your phone signal from your broadband; it has two outlets, one for the phone land line and the other for a "DSL" "ethernet" cable to your "router". Routers are now probably all wireless in so far as they broadcast the broadband signal to your tablet, laptop, tower, television, mobile. or whatever "smart" devices you may have. Without broadband you cannot tweet, facebook, email or post to this or any other website. In installing any new phone system it's all to easy to get something arse about face - which needs to be sorted out.

As someone who refuses to ask for milk "on the side", a "regular" sized coffee or say anything about "shots" in relation to coffee, I can only apologise for any foreign words I have had to use.

Re: German reinforcements

Did'nt put that very well did I?Hearing aids which incorporate broadband.Fantastic.Pretty soon we'll get video pictures too.But not NHS.
NO my phone access is via a splitter box which allows both modem and phone access.The problem was trying to fit a modernphone to an ancient port on an old BT item.Broadband could help.Better still a live in advisor preferably related and cheap