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Trieste 1947

My father served with the RASC in Trieste around 1947 - I am visiting Trieste in July and I wonder if there are still buildings standing that would have been used by the RASC at that time. Thanks for any help that you can give me.

Re: Trieste 1947

Margaret, the RASC used to be in a large barracks up past the Montebello Trotting-race track. Not a lot of help that! You will need to catch a bus from Piazza Goldoni, which is a large square where all the buses interchange. The bus no 28 should take you to Piazza Foraggi (if it is still the No.28 that plies that route), alight there and then walk up to the Trotting track. (They still have trotting races in Trieste). The barracks were a little bit further on on the left hand side
However, where the barracks were in 1947 and for many years after, there are now some very nice large apartment blocks. The barracks were torn down about three-four years ago. So none of this will be of much help to you on your visit to Trieste.

The last time I saw the barracks in which I was based in Via Donadoni, a couple of years ago, on the inside it was all falling down.

Re: Trieste 1947

Thank you Larry for getting back to me. My dad used to speak about Trieste a lot and i have always wanted to visit it. It will just be good to experience the area and have a look at the areas you mentioned. Thanks again.

Re: Trieste 1947

Margaret, a good place to start is the tourist Office:

They will send you a map which is invaluable.
It's easy to get swept up in the tourist trade but you may wish to get about independently. There is an excellent bus system for which you will need a list of and timetables for the various routes.
Timetable - "orario"
route - "linea"

You need tickets "bigliettii" before you get on the bus. You buy these from tobacconists shops or booths. It's best to buy a supply to last for the time you're there. On the bust you stick a ticket in the slot in one of the little machines - they're pretty obvious to validate it. Some longer journeys eg to Muggia take two.

There are boats to take you to Muggia and to Sistiana (now Porto Piccolo). These start at the piers in front of Piazza unita.

There's an excellent, fast, cheap and frequent rail trip to Venice but Trieste is a gem by itself. The elegant centre is a great contrast to the old town ( Cittta Vecchia. You can waolk through that from Via Cavanna up the hill to the castle and church at San Giusto.

About two years would be long enough.

Re: Trieste 1947

Margaret, the bus tickets mentioned by Harry above. A single ticket lasts for one bour from the time you validate it and you can change buses durng that hour. However, in the tobacconists/booths you can ask for a multi-viaggi (many trips) and these tickets allow you up to 10 trips on buses. and always after you validate the ticket by inserting it into the small yellow boxes inside the bus it then lasts for one hour on that validation and again you can change buses during that hour.

There is a special tramway in Trieste that goes up the hills to a place called Opicina but I don't know if it is running again yet because they had an accident last year.
However, if you get one of the town maps Harry mentioned, find Piazza Oberdan on the map. That is where the tram starts from. If the trams are running again it is worth taking a trip but you have to buy the ticket in the tram station where the trams park.
It really is worth taking that trip.

Re: Trieste 1947

Margaret, I don't know where you are going to stay in Trieste but there is one street you really must visit. It is named Viale XX Settembre (Avenue 20 September) or, as we soldiers in Trieste used to call it, the 'Monkey Run'. I'm sure your husband woud have walked up and down it when he was there. It is full of bars and ice-cream parlours as well as fashion shops and a large department store. The main street in town is called Via Carducci and half way up there is a large building with four columns standing in front. That is the Volti Chiozza. There is a large street running off to the left of that called Via Battisti and just past the four columns there is a small square with a large fountain. There is a street running up from the fountain and that is the Viale XX Settembre. Enjoy yourself. Go to Ricciardi Ice-cream parlour up on the left. Best ice-cream in town. Sit outside in the warmth of the July nights and spoil yourself.