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Eurovision Song Contest

Just watched the Eurovision Song Contest, quarter finals. Strange, but 90% ofthe songs were ballads. Only one or two you could call rock and roll modern pop.
However, I heard and saw nothing to set the blood running. Some songs were near porn and in one they even used the word 'freaking'.
But wow, the lighting effects were dazzlingly brilliant. Best part of the show.
It's voting time now. Only ten of tonights 18 entries will go forward to the finals.
And if you want a good laugh take a look at the three male presenters. Hoo, boy.
And although the show is from - in English - Kiev, the word on the screen is Kyiv.
Let's wish Lucy Jones and her song 'Don't give up on your lover' on Saturday night.
One of the presenters, who looks about 18, is another of those people who forget to wash their chins to take off the fluff.
Here are the finalists: Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Australia, Cyprus and Belgium. Typed here just one minute after being announced from Kyiv.
See you all Thursday night.

Re: Eurovision Song Contest

Hot off the press. Here are the countries selected to go forward from tonight's semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest:
Austria, Romania, Holland, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel.

To be noted that Ireland failed to qualify as well as Switzerland, Malta Estonia and San Marino, Lithuainia and Macedonia. But this semi-final was not as enjoyable as the one on Tuesday night.

England, of course, as one of the biggest contributors of the costs has an automatic entry into the final alongside Germany.

Roll on Saturday night and the finals.

Re: Eurovision Song Contest

Remind me next year that the show last night lasted nearly four hours!!!!!!!! But what a show. And after 50 years of trying Portugal finally won thru' and so next year the show will come from Lisbon. And I was under the impression that Portugal was very nearly bankrupt. Can they afford to put on the show? Well, as we in the UK have always been the biggest contributors alongside Germany so no doubt, hopefully, we can find a little bit from our 7% foreign aid programme to help them out*** Even if we never seem to have a song and artist who can get more than Nul points, Although
the girl last night for the UK did come 15teenth. Good on the girl. What was her name??

Re: Eurovision Song Contest

Why we persist in humiliating ourselves in this non event I can't imagine.Any entry of ours will be submitted by an ameteur singer songwriter(the professionals won't get involved)and is on about the same performance level as the competing garbage.Furthermore,we Brits are less than popular in Europe so even if we found ourselves a Cole Porter we would still be lucky to get past fifteenth.Personally,I find my Kindle is much better entertainment.

Re: Eurovision Song Contest

No one can call me bigoted - but isn't modern pop music dreadful?

Where to start?

A band comprises several players, usually with one or more playing brass instruments; so how can you call a pop group a band? Sometimes there can be only two folk who don't play anything.

Why is the beat noise so loud and monotonous? Why are the words so banal and repetitive? Why haven't the non-words "bebeh" and "ahdoewonner" been banned as nonsensical?

Why must the "singer" screw up his face as if he's sitting on something sharp and yell without allowing any quality of voice to be heard? ("He" can often be a "she")

I love music and long for it to come back?

Re: Eurovision Song Contest

Amen to that Harry.