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Tonight I had a very pleasant conversation face to face with a friend of mine in Trieste. We call each other up at least once a week to keep up to date using SKYPE.
It costs nothing. So, If anyone out there has Skype downloaded give me a call - but only in the evenings after 2030 hours and have a natter. If you ain't got Skype, download it, its free and you see who you are talking to.


Spent an hour and a half this afternoon and tonight talking and nattering to my friend in Trieste with Skype. NO CHARGE. And I could see hom and the inside of the room where he was. He was almost nude! This afternoon the temperature where he lives was 30 degrees C. At 2330 Tempo Italiano, the temperature outside the house was 21 degrees C but inside nearer to 28. One of the advantages of using Skype.