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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Trieste visit.

Hi, What is the latest news on the visit to Trieste this year?

Re: Trieste visit.

Michael, here is something to put in your diary regarding a visit to Trieste this year.

In September, in Gorizia, they will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris,and Ossopo, which ended the occupation of most of Friuli Venezia Giulia by the Allied Military Government and led to the formation of the Free Territory of Trieste. The dates will be 16 and 17 of September. We have a contact in Gorizia called Selvino Ceschia who has been helping to organise this event. They (Gorizia) would love to welcome members of BETFOR Association to these festivities. Some American ex-members of TRUST will also be coming over. I have already booked with Selvino and there is a Best Western hotel which has been more or less reserved for the occasion to host the guests. If you want to get in touch with Selvino this is his e-mail address:
I have already informed all the members of the Committee and passed on the e-mails I have received from Selvino. He is anxious to get the names of the people who want to attend because of booking rooms in the hotel. No doubt something of the kind will be taking place also in Trieste but so far I have had no news about it.
Anyway, I leave it up to you now. My e-mail address accompanies this posting if you want to get in touch.

Re: Trieste visit.

Hi, Larry, thnaks for the update. I am wondering if the festivities in Gorizia is all that will be happening, or will there be further visits to say Lazzaretto, where I was stationed and Trieste itself? Do you also have an idea at this stage of any numbers that will be going?
Regards, Michael Hood

Re: Trieste visit.

Michael, I doubt there will be any celebrations in Trieste like those I spoke of for Gorizia. The Free Territory of Trieste under the AMG was not iniziated until 1948 so I would expect celebrations of remembrance in Trieste next year. In the meantime, to keep up to date go to Google and key in: (which you can get in English_ or

Il Piccolo is the daily newspaper of Trieste.

I never know who is going to visit Trieste, because I always go on my own with my son. I have a host of friends and in-laws there to visit.

I do know that Lazzaretto barracks became an R&R depot for the Italian troops stationed in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and that a marina has been constructed by the side of it, but, whether the barracks is still in use by the Italian Army I have no idea. I do know that the Barracks in Via Rossetti is falling down and unoccupied any more, the same as has happened to the barracks I was in in Via Donadoni. Rossetti Barracks has been offered up for sale by the local council to developers but whether anything is happening I know not. The RASC and the RAOC barracks in Montebello have been demolished and large blocks of flats erected in their places. Last year I went back to Pola and visited the barracks I was in there in 1946 but......twas falling to pieces. Seems the local councils in Italy just let disused barracks fall down instead of converting them to habitable blocks of flats.

As of this moment it would seem that no one from the Association is going to visit Gorizia for those celebrations apart from myself and my son, but again I have many friends from around the area who have all said they want to meet me there.
(A little bird has also told me you are behind in paying your subscriptions for the Association. Naughty naughty).

Re: Trieste visit.

I'm looking for my brother in law who was Treiste way circa 1950 with the RASC, can you offer
any advise

Re: Trieste visit.

Hi Larry, thanks for the update. Unfortunate to hear that perhaps there may not be any celebrations in Trieste this time so I will have to consider coming over. Pretty expensive to come from Australia if nothing happening this time.
I have been over twice in the last 20 years, last time to Lazzaretto 8 years ago so I know the old barracks was an R&R site. Brings back memories.
Anyway I will consider coming .
Thanks for the reminder from the "little birdie" Roland, will get some $$$$ to him
Regards. Michael Hood