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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Is the world going mad?

Two small articles from the web-site of Il Piccolo tonight to catch your attention:

"In Trieste, in the bay of San Giusto the jellyfish, called locally "marine barrels" have reappeared" followed by a little further down:
In Genoa, in a restuarant called "Slow Fish", on the menu is "jellyfish in batter", not something one would expect in a fish restuarant!

And you won't believe this: A 'bonus for animals'has been announced in Trieste. A fund has been set up to ensure free veterinary care for the animals in the care of people who have lost their jobs or are on the lowest scale of pension. And once a month a basket of food for the animals. (Larry's note: and this is, most probably, subsidised by the Euro commission in Brussels!).

Re: Is the world going mad?

A friend in Trieste has told me that the jellyfish called "marine barrels" have never been so numerous as they are this year. He says there are hundreds if not thousands swarming in the bay of San Giusto.