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UK Election 2017

with just 10 days to go and the postal votes ready to be completed (or perhaps already sent) maybe this might stir a few of the Betfoers with access to a computer. It's a long time ago since our members were eligible to vote, the early 50's I reckon. Can you remember the occasion ?

I am already running a sweepstake among my family and drinking mates. You can join in totally free of charge ! Details to follow shortly

Re: UK Election 2017

3 days go by and not a flicker of BETFOR interest. Just over a week to go.

Re: UK Election 2017

Roy, I have a feeling that it's going to be a close run election this time. I've already voted because I shall be in Germany for a week from 6 June, to celebrate my birthday on the 7th in the bosom of my in-laws, in a small town called Schwarzenbek. And NO, I did not vote for UKIP or the Green (mouldy?)parties.

Re: UK Election 2017

Larry has spoken and left the country ! Precious little Betfor intersst it seems. D Day has passed once again and the election is tomorrow. Will you be staying up ?

Re: UK Election 2017

Roy, I must be coming down with dementia! I completely forgot the date of 6 June and D-DAY. Here is a small piece from the Daily Mail today about an offer for a tea-towel with a picture of Winnie on it you can get. I have ordered two!...But, at least this year I did my bit by invading Germany ON 6 JUNE 2017, courtesy of BA, and shouting BREXIT in a restuarant there one night. (A Greek restuarant, of all places). I was given a very wonderful Birthday Party on 7 June by my in-laws. and yes, my wife was Italian!!

""CHURCHILL (the film) follows Britain's iconic Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the days before the infamous D-Day landings in June 1944"".
BUT WHY "INFAMOUS"??? I would tend to describe that day as more than "FAMOUS"!